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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Upscale Music - Mercedes Mixtape

For you music listening pleasure I present two upscale sites. Both offer an excellent selection of current music from all around the globe:

First is Mercedes Mixtape TV. Yes this is THE Mercedes. Clever marketing: offer free music to download and you can watch some very well produced ads. The current is mix tape 30 and all have been worth the wait. They come out about every 8 weeks. So far I have been able to collect all 30.

If you want to listen to music online, download over 27,000 free, legal albums, or are a musician and want to publish / expose your music to the world, is the place. Jamendo is a world forum. Just about every type of music from every part of the world is there. You can listen to their radio station or browse the different genres and choose the music you want to download.  These are professional quality, produced music with art and the full works. You can contribute or buy most of the music. Well worth taking a look at if you are getting tired of formatted programming on most commercial stations, the limited play-lists of most web stations, and those truly "amateur" offerings. Granted, those can be really fun to listen too.

Enjoy and listen to the world.

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